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Location:New York, NY
Architect:Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, FAIA
Year Built:1907
Fact:Upon the Plaza Hotel's opening, New York newspapers called it the "greatest hotel in the world."

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Plaza Hotel
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Plaza Hotel

Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, an architect associated with luxury hotels and apartment buildings of the Gilded Age, designed the Plaza Hotel in the style of French Renaissance châteaux. His design featured a two-story ballroom and a tearoom with a Tiffany glass-domed ceiling. Upon it’s opening, New York newspapers heralded it as the “greatest hotel in the world.” New York City’s Landmark Commission awarded the structure landmark status in 1969.


The architectural relationship of the building to its context I think is very, very important to the impression that people have when they see the building. The fact that it opens up right there on that corner and provides a kind of view into Central Park as well as that front door that invites people in. It makes it kind of a central node arrival point, like another heart within a city of many hearts.

Lou Saur, FAIA

Every single New Yorker has his own experience with the Plaza. Whether tea with their mother and grandmother at the Palm Court or drinking with their buddies in the Oak Bar, everyone has that landmark stake of ownership in the plaza. The biggest issue that we had when we were undertaking renovation was the public perception that the building would be destroyed. And everyone was afraid that their memories would be destroyed and the public spaces would be wiped out. It was through the public hearings that it really came aware to me that all of these new Yorkers have personal experiences with the Plaza and they really felt ownership of that building.

Steven Hill, FAIA

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